What I’ll Tell My Kids About Independence Day

What is one black pastor and father telling his children about the unsung realities of the Revolutionary War? How do you explain African-Americans fighting for freedom that they would not be granted? C’mon up.

Jovanique’s Testimony: “Done, Done, Done!”

Here the testimony of one young brother who the Lord has saved and kept by his grace. We pray his story multiplies!

The Practical Secret to Faithful Ministry (pt. 3)

Pastor, we shouldn’t have calendars and to-do lists so full that our people feel like they’re “bothering us” if they want some time with us. C’mon up for advice in this series’ conclusion!

The Practical Secret to Faithful Ministry (pt. 2)

Here are five practical ways you might use a calendar for the purposes of a faithful ministry. Can you think of any others? C’mon up!

The Practical Secret to Faithful Ministry (pt. 1)

Pastor, what is the one thing you can do well to end each day, each week, each month, each career and each lifetime faithful? C’mon up for the first part in this new series!

“What An Awesome Journey”

Hear one sister’s journey to Reformed Theology and how a tweet sparked it all. C’mon up and cut it up with the brothers on the porch.

Five Realties of Ministering at an HBCU

What is it like to labor the gospel at a Historically Black College or University? C’mon up and enjoy the testimony of one who is in the midst of such a work!

A Tribute to Dr. Gardner C. Taylor

Thabiti Anyabwile honors the life of Gardner C. Taylor — a dean of preaching and the black church who has influenced countless scores of pastors. C’mon up and celebrate how God used this brother.

Calvinism: Inherently Anti-Slavery?

Would Calvinism, as a theological worldview, be inherently opposed to slavery? What would a slave like Olaudah Equiano say? What about Abraham Kuyper? C’mon up for this last part of three part series on the life of Equiano.

Slaveholder, How Will You Answer God?

C’mon up and continue the series on Calvinist slave, Olaudah Equiano, looking at his Reformed view of creation and sin as seen by the horrors of slavery. This is Part II in our three-part series on the life of Olaudah Equiano.

The Reformational, Theological Olaudah Equiano

C’mon up and meet Olaudah Equiano, who wrote one of the most important slave narratives in the history of the English-speaking world in 1789 and cherished a Reformed worldview. This is Part I in our three-part series on the life of Olaudah Equiano.

Special Delivery: Weekly Roundup

Pastoring people but not befriending them, lynchings and white fraternity members singing, reaching America’s Samaria, and the history of women pastoring the church — c’mon up and see what went down this past week!