Justice and the Church

Christians already have an agenda. Our agenda has already been set. It’s a kingdom agenda: Christ is Lord.

Spiritual Warfare in Christian Ministry

“The enemy has been busy from the beginning,” Tony Carter says, “and his goal is to undermine the glory of God in the world.”

A Long Season of Tears

There is a place for our tears that can guard us from despair and solidify our commitment to live at peace among our Christian family.

Discussing Spiritual Gifts on ‘The Chopping Block’

Are spiritual gifts for today? If so, which gifts still operate in the Church? Join the fellas at “The Chopping Block” for a wide-ranging discussion.

Podcasts to the People!

What African-American, Christian podcasts are out there? Do you have any to add to Thabiti’s list?

I’m a Bad Pastor: And Why I Think it’s Worth Saying So!

Pastor, why is it good for you and your people to understand that you are a bad pastor? C’mon up and join the conversation.

Blessed Assurance

How can we know that we are saved in a Church culture that lets everyone’s funeral become a procession into the pearly gates? C’mon up.

The Uncertain Sound of Christian Radio

We praise God for music harkening good news and glad tidings! But what about those “gospel” songs that aren’t so sound, what might we do then? C’mon up and join the conversation.

Crown of Thorns

Believers glory in the cross not just on Easter, but always. C’mon up and here how one pastor encouraged his congregation to dwell on the love and cross of Christ in this homily.

Calvinism: Inherently Anti-Slavery?

Would Calvinism, as a theological worldview, be inherently opposed to slavery? What would a slave like Olaudah Equiano say? What about Abraham Kuyper? C’mon up for this last part of three part series on the life of Equiano.

Slaveholder, How Will You Answer God?

C’mon up and continue the series on Calvinist slave, Olaudah Equiano, looking at his Reformed view of creation and sin as seen by the horrors of slavery. This is Part II in our three-part series on the life of Olaudah Equiano.

Our Contrived Reformation

Does the Reformation speak to social justice matters? What theological narrative are you passing on? Does it push people to those weightier matters of the law?