“I Am Delivered”

Looking at her past life of lesbianism and a recent viral video proclaiming “deliverance,” Jackie Hill Perry came up on the porch to see what the Scriptures say about the topic. C’mon up and join the conversation.

Meet the Brothers: Vincent Bacote & Tony Carter

Dr. Vincent Bacote, director of the center for applied Christian ethics and professor of theology at Wheaton College, came through The Front Porch to share about his life and ministry, specifically how he wrestled with becoming a professor instead of a senior pastor or a para-church worker.

The Basics of Discipleship

Episode (#006) | What is a disciple of Jesus? What is the goal of disciple-making? Whose responsibility is it to make disciples? Thabiti Anyabwile chops it up with host Isaac Adams on this Pastor & People episode. (Photograph by Phil Roder via Flickr Creative Commons)

Hymnbook Theology

Louis Love kicks off a series on The Articles of Faith in the New National Baptist Hymnal. In this post, he discusses the sweet, firm foundation of God’s sufficient, clear, authoritative, and necessary Word.

An Unexpected Link to the Reformation

Sometimes people act as if Reformed theology is foreign to the black church. They ask, “Why do you think churches have not embraced it?” But that’s the wrong question. The real question is, “Why have our churches forgotten it?” For, in truth, this is part of our heritage.

Reading: A Reformation Legacy Once Denied Blacks

Tony shares why black Christians, “with our history marred by the denial of educational opportunities,” should embrace, as well as any, the legacy of reading left to us by the Reformation. C’mon up on and join the conversation!

An Unconverted High Schooler on The Reformation

Believers go through a great deal of their Christian experience knowing much about church anniversaries, but have little knowledge about why they are able to read the Bibles that sit in the pews in front of them. Phil goes back to 10th grade to remind us why!

Biblical Theology & Liberation, pt. 4

Why is liberation theology anything but freeing when it comes to the end times? Steven Harris wraps up his series in this post and ends the discussion between biblical theology and liberation theology on the end times.

Biblical Theology & Liberation, pt. 3

Steven Harris continues the conversation between liberation theology and biblical theology, answering questions like, “Should we utilize the oppressed community or the poor as the interpretive lens through which to read the Bible?” C’mon up and let us know what you think!

Biblical Theology & Liberation, pt. 2

Steven Harris puts liberation theology in conversation with biblical theology to help us think about how Christians should respond in the midst of terrible suffering.

Biblical Theology & Liberation, pt. 1

Steven Harris puts biblical theology in conversation with liberation theology in the hopes that pastors can respond faithfully.

Tongues & Healing: Getting Boring?

In light of many Christians’ obsession with the “miraculous” spiritual gifts, Phil Duncanson comes up on The Front Porch to remind us of the array of spiritual gifts God has given the church. None of these gifts are boring. Why? C’mon up on the porch and let us know what you think.