Women Preachers & Pastors — A Big Deal in the Church?

Is affirmation of female ordination and leadership a denial of the Christian Faith? How important are these issues to the health of the church? C’mon up and join the conversation!

Husband-Wife Co-Pastors?

Thabiti Anyabwile looks at the model of husbands and wives co-pastoring churches. What does Scripture have to say about this model, if anything? What effects can this have on the body if the couple gets a divorce? C’mon up on the porch and let us know what you think.

What Stephen A. Smith Missed About Domestic Violence

Stephen A. Smith’s recent comments about domestic violence caused an uproar in the media. Thabiti Anyabwile comes up on The Front Porch to make a call for men to repent and protect their sisters who have given them so much. Is domestic violence a “men’s issue”? C’mon up on the porch and let us know what you think.

She Survived Boko Haram: “Be Quiet or Be Killed”

Deborah Peters, a 15-year-old Nigerian girl, shares a powerful testimony.

On Being a Pastor’s Wife

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Single Black Sister Serves in 10/40 Window

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WOW: Women of the Word

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Don’t Call Her “First Lady”

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Why Black Women Should Remain in the Church

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Sisters & Bible Study

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My People, My People: A Response to Christian Genocide from the Inside-Out

“The murderers had tortured the child in such an inhuman way. . . His neck was cut, toes were broken and hands were slashed and burned.  His face was burned, … Continue reading

Why We Should Reject Queen Bey’s Depiction of Black Womanhood

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