JUST Gospel: The Front Porch National Conversation

March 16–18, 2017

African-American churches are gospel churches. One of the greatest miracles of Christianity is that the enslaved came to believe the enslaver’s gospel. Those once cuffed in oppression found in the Good News a path to faith, hope and love in a dark world. Those who once suffered injustice at the hands of professing Christians saw beyond their injustice to a God who reigns in justice.

Yet to remedy injustice today day, many folks say, “Just preach the gospel.” That’s the solution they give to African-American Christians calling for justice in the criminal system, education, and a host of other social problems. But does the biblical gospel have anything to say about biblical justice in the face of these continuing social problems? Should we “Just preach the gospel” or “Preach a just gospel”?

Pull up a chair and join us on The Front Porch as we think about the Good News of Jesus Christ and how it applies to the mission of African-American churches today. On The Front Porch there’s bound to be loud talkin’, loud laughin’ and maybe a few loud colors! All are welcome!

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