Just Gospel 2020: Pilgrim Politics

March 5–7, 2020

Christians are aliens in this world, pilgrims and sojourners on our way to our true home, the New Jerusalem. But Christ has left us in the world to bear witness to His gospel and His kingdom. That means we must both live in the world as if we do not belong to it and engage the world with the promise of something far better. It means we must not allow worldly identities to define us while we participate in a society where they dominate.

We need “pilgrim politics.” We need the Scriptures to so shape and guide us that seem to be both other-wordly and transformational. We need discipleship that helps us embrace this aspect of our Christian identity. We really need this discussion in light of our last and our upcoming presidential elections where even the Church faces the prospect of greater division and loss of focus.

Join us March 3-5, 2020 at Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia for Just Gospel 2020: Pilgrim Politics: Healing Conversations about Christians and Politics. Registration opens October 1st!

Thabiti Anyabwile
David Platt
Darryl Williamson
Jenny Yang
Russell Moore
Vincent Bacote
Garrett Kell
Gracy Olmstead
Jonathan Leeman
Esau McCaulley
Mark Vroegop
Justin Giboney
Duke Kwon
Nicola Menzie
Roland Warren
Kelly Kapic
Jon Ward
And more…

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