What is Expositional Preaching?


Why is saying, “Joseph had a dream, so follow your dreams!” NOT Expositional Preaching? What is “Expositional Preaching?” It seems to be kind of like heaven — lots of folks are talkin’ about it, but few are going (or doing it, in this case). Tony Carter, Thabiti Anyabwile and Louis Love chop it up on the porch to discuss what that kind of preaching is; that kind of preaching “that takes a text of Scripture and explains the meaning of that text in context as it points to Christ and the gospel. It applies that text to the ears. It’s not simply saying what the text says but meaning what the text means, in the broader context of the redemptive plan of God, so that the text will find its fulfillment in Christ.”

If this encouraged you, make sure to read Tony’s related article titled, “The Need for Theological Preaching.”

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