Meet the Brothers: Elbert McGowan & Tony Carter


We had Elbert McGowan, leader of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Jackson St. University, come up on the porch. He shares with Tony Carter about his life, ministry at a Historically Black University, and the upbringings of growing up during the flood of crack cocaine that affected his family. C’mon up and join the conversation.

Want to hear more about Elbert’s ministry? See the video below:

Tony Carter
Tony Carter serves as the Lead Pastor of East Point Church. Tony is married to his beloved, Adriane Carter, and their marriage has bore the fruit of five wonderful children. Holler at him on Twitter: @eastpc

C’mon Up!

2 responses to “Meet the Brothers: Elbert McGowan & Tony Carter”

  1. Thea Kelley says:

    This is so wonderful. God bless you Brothers and thank you for sharing this.

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