Meet the Brothers: Vincent Bacote & Tony Carter


Dr. Vincent Bacote, director of the center for applied Christian ethics and professor of theology, came through The Front Porch to share about his life and ministry, specifically how he wrestled with becoming a professor instead of a senior pastor or a para-church worker. He studied Abraham Kuyper to better get a grasp on cultural engagement. C’mon up and join the conversation.

Tony Carter
Tony Carter serves as the Lead Pastor of East Point Church. Tony is married to his beloved, Adriane Carter, and their marriage has bore the fruit of five wonderful children. Holler at him on Twitter: @eastpc

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2 responses to “Meet the Brothers: Vincent Bacote & Tony Carter”

  1. DPalmer says:

    Great interview. That’s is a timely message, I like the answer of how we respond to past theologians whom we don’t agree with on culture issues. Being African American that is pretty common, to engage those who uphold or cosign on the institution of slavery. Also how we should also read those whom we don’t agree with, and figure out why we don’t agree.

    • Tony Carter says:

      Thanks D. It is always good to be reminded of the transcendent nature of truth. Thanks for coming on the Porch and sharing your thoughts.

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