On Being a Pastor’s Wife

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The sisters Jamie Love and Kristie Anyabwile are back up on The Front Porch — choppin’ it up and discussing the journey of being a pastor’s wife. What does this service look like? In what ways does it stretch and grow a wife? What expectations and assumptions do pastors’ wives face?

In many churches, it’s easy for the pastor’s wife to feel as if she’s in a fishbowl for the congregation to see. What’s she to do? “Swim and don’t eat too much fish food, ’cause you will blow up!” C’mon up on the porch and enjoy the encouragements and warnings these sisters share.

Jamie Love
Jamie Love is the wife of Louis Love, who serves as the pastor of New Life Fellowship Church, which he planted in 1997. Joyfully married, Jamie and Louis have three adult children and nine grandchildren.
Kristie Anyabwile
Kristie Anyabwile is the wife of Thabiti, who serves as a pastor at Anacostia River Church (Washington DC). She is the joyful mother of two daughters and one son.

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