Spiritual Warfare in Christian Ministry


Join Tony, Lou and Thabiti as they think about an important but often confusing subject: spiritual warfare in the Christian ministry.

00:30 Where is the line of attack in the ministry?
02:00 Our three enemies
04:30 Any word of encouragement for young men in ministry facing spiritual warfare?
08:13 Are there certain times or points when the attack is particularly strong in pastoral ministry?
11:20 A final exhortation

Come join the conversation as we continue fighting the good fight of faith!

The Brothers on The Front Porch
The Front Porch was started by Louis Love, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Tony Carter. Holler at us on Twitter: @TalkOnThePorch

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One response to “Spiritual Warfare in Christian Ministry”

  1. Matthew Fletcher says:

    Thank you, brothers, for touching on this vital topic! I preached on this very theme this past Sunday as part of our current series in Acts. I had intended to preach chapter 16, verses 16-40, but I never got past verses 16-18! Your video clip served as a wonderful follow-up to the sermon, and I intend to show it to my small group tonight! Thanks for inviting us to listen to this helpful conversation on “the front porch.” Keep fighting the good fight!

    Note: Am I correct in thinking that the last two words in your description of the 4:30 mark should be “spiritual warfare,” not “spiritual worship”?

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