Where was the Injustice in Ferguson?

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In the wake of Ferguson, Thabiti Anyabwile chops it up with host Isaac Adams to discuss where he specifically saw injustice in the legal proceedings. What are your thoughts? What can we do going forward? C’mon up and join the conversation.

Resources highlighted in this podcast:

Isaac Adams
Isaac Adams serves as the editor of The Front Porch. Holler at him on Twitter: @isickadams
Thabiti Anyabwile
Thabiti Anyabwile serves as a pastor of Anacostia River Church (Washington DC). He is the happy husband of Kristie and the adoring father of two daughters and one son. Holler at him on Twitter: @ThabitiAnyabwil

C’mon Up!

2 responses to “Where was the Injustice in Ferguson?”

  1. george canady says:

    Have you ever been out on the porch at night, in the middle of the night because you just couldn’t sleep. Now, no one to talk to even though you recall the day light with great conversations and laughter. But this night it seems most are asleep, at least the ones you wish where here to talk to about this thing that keeps you awake.

  2. […] His remedy for the calamity was gracious, strategic and effective, for his day and his time in redemptive history, cf. 8:10-11, 16-17; 9. My brother T has offered several recommendations that are equally gracious, strategic and I sense would effectively address the issues we are currently facing. You can read them here, here and listen here. […]

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