JUST Gospel 2020 Conference

Pilgrim Politics

March 5-7, 2020 | Alexandria, VA

Del Ray Baptist Church
2405 Russell Rd
Alexandria, VA 22301

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2017 Talks

Biblical Theology and Justice

Darryl Williamson gives a message on “A Biblical Theology of Justice” followed by a discussion with Mika Edmondson and Darryl Williamson

Why Both Justice and the Gospel are Essential

A panel discussion between Tony Carter, Vincent Bacote, Mike Leach, and Harold Melton.

What Role Does the Bible Have in Justice?

A panel discussion between Louis Love, Bobby Scott, Vincent Bacote, and Jarvis Williams. During the discussion, Jarvis Williams mentioned the necessity and benefit of reading works by or about “marginalized … Continue reading

Should Christians Be Involved in Secular Social Justice Movements

A panel discussion with Jemar Tisby, Michelle Higgins, Bobby Scott, Tyler Burns, and Steven Harris.

A Different Approach for Addressing Abortions

A discussion with Thabiti Anyabwile and Roland Warren.

Educating for Justice

A panel discussion with Thabiti Anyabwile, Jadine Johnson, Jemar Tisby, and Zayika jackson.

Persevering Presence

A message from Karen Ellis

Victor Sholar Morning Exposition

A message from Victor Sholar

Revisiting the Mission of the Church

A panel discussion with Louis Love, Bobby Scott, and Leonce Crump.

The Black Church and Prophetic Witness

A panel discussion with Kevin Smith, Eric Washington, Tony Carter, and Mika Edmondson.

The State of Gospel Reconciliation

A panel discussion with Isaac Adams, Kevin Smith, H.B. Charles, and Leonce Crump.  

Caring for Orphans

A panel discussion with Thabiti Anyabwile, Vermon Pierre and Dennae Pierre.

Saving Our Sons

A panel discussion with Louis Love, Eric Mason, and Bobby Manning.

What’s Going on in Chicago?

A panel discussion with Luis Love Arthur Jackson and Brian Dye.

Hip Hop and Justice

A panel discussion with Isaac Adams, Trip Lee, Shai Linne, and Williams Branch.

Women’s Voices on Issues of Justice

A panel discussion with Christina Edmondson, Zakiya Jackson, Jadine Johnson, Trillia Newbell, Dennae Pierre.

The Pastor’s Role in the Gospel and Justice

A panel discussion with Bobby Scott, Mika Edmondson, Arthur Jackson, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Tony Carter.

Morning Exposition

A message from Trip Lee

Visiting Those in Prison

A panel discussion with Louis Love, Nathan Brummel, and Clarence Simmons.

JUST Gospel Wrap Up

A final panel discussion with Tony Carter, Louis Love, and Thabiti Anyabwile

Serenity Steps by Leroy Lamar

& Campaign by Justin Giboney



The Front Porch brothers will sit in their rockers, run their mouths, and host this conversation.

Thabiti Anyabwile is a pastor at Anacostia River Church in southeast Washington, D.C. A native of Lexington, North Carolina, he is also the happy husband of Kristie and the adoring father of two daughters and one son. He is the author of several books, most recently: Reviving the Black Church (2015). Holla at him on Twitter: @thabitianyabwil.

Born and raised in South Bend, IN, Louis Love serves as the pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Vernon Hills, IL, which he planted in 1997. Joyfully married, Louis and his wife, Jamie, have three adult children and ten grandchildren. He is a contributor to the book Glory Road: The Journeys of Ten African Americans into Reformed Christianity (2012).


Tony Carter serves as the Lead Pastor of East Point Church in Atlanta. Tony is married to his beloved, Adriane Carter, and their marriage has bore the fruit of five wonderful children. Tony is the author of Black and Reformed (2003; second edition, 2015) and has edited books like Experiencing the Truth (2008). Holla at him on Twitter: @eastpc.

Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue